Spicy Hot Pepper Jam

March 18, 2016 Bacchanal Sauce

We Just finished making another batch of our Spicy Guava Pineapple Jam *insert happy dance*. We adore making our one of a kind Caribbean Hot Sauce elixir - Bacchanal Pepper Sauce  which also pairs well with cheese but If you’ve never tried our limited run all fruit preserves and hot pepper jams, you're missing out! Our Caribbean spicy guava jam is essentially a unique hot pepper jelly. The guava is seasonal and not always available but once we're able to get our hands on some, it's well worth it because the flavor is fragrant and sweet with a unique rich taste. The fruit has a high natural pectin level and feels like it came out of the earth begging to be a fruit jam or jelly. The pineapple adds amazingly delicious chucks peppered throughout the jam while the hot chili peppers enhance the flavor and take it next level. Smear this hot pepper jam on a slice of buttered toast, eat it right out of the jar or use in your cheese plate or stir fry.

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