Spicy Caribbean Hummus Recipe

December 26, 2015 Bacchanal Sauce

This is the perfect hot sauce recipe. Sneak away to the kitchen and make this snack with fiery island flavor. How do you bring a Caribbean vibe to your hummus dip without buying all the fruits & spices in the entire ethnic section of your supermarket? Here's a secret you can always add a likkle tropical flair with Caribbean pepper sauce.  Bacchanal Pepper Sauce . always spices things up and with our unique scotch bonnet and habanero hot sauce you get a one of a kind artisan blend of chili peppers, the lush tropical fruits of pineapple, papaya & tamarind with traditional Caribbean spices. Why look around for where to buy hummus when you can make your own spicy recipe.This recipe also calls for a little avocado and coconut oil. Yum! Make this all year long.


1 can chickpeas drained (15-16oz)

1 half of a avocado

1/2 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons Bacchanal Pepper Sauce (add more hot sauce to taste)

2 tablespoons lime juice

2 cloves of garlic

salt to taste

a few sprigs of thyme

plantain chips, for serving

In a food processor or blender combine chickpeas, avocado, coconut oil, hot sauce, lime juice, garlic & thyme.

Add your salt to taste, a pinch is ideal. Blend until combined about 2 minutes. You can determine how smooth

you would like it to be. Transfer into a bowl & top with a little drizzle of coconut oil, some more hot sauce and a sprinkle of salt. Serve with plantain chips

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