Bacchanal Pepper Sauce 2oz

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Are you a pepper addict whose all about flavor first? Then you’ll love this tropical little travel size hot sauce beauty. Its for all the times you need delicious heat on the go.Take your Bacchanal Pepper Sauce in your bag, pocket or on that airplane flight and enhance & excite every meal. Don’t worry we won’t tell! Perfect on everything – morning eggs, veggies, seafood, basting meats. Get creative in the kitchen and on the road with your hot sauce in the bag swag. (ships in 5-10 business days)

Ingredients scotch bonnet peppers, habanero chilies, cider vinegar, pineapple, papaya, onion, garlic, tamarind, mustard, ginger, lime, cayenne, allspice, cinnamon, cilantro, sea salt.

$ 4.95