Six 5oz bottles Bacchanal Pepper Sauce


A one of a kind Hot Sauce elixir that holds all the wonder and excitement of a hot Caribbean fete! Buy six bottles and stock up for your journey. Travel to far flung tropical locations with each fiery drop. Bacchanal Pepper Sauce is made in Brooklyn New York and is a  wonderful burst of scotch bonnets & habanero peppers with exotic tropical fruits. It has true flavor and the perfect amount of heat to immediately enhance every meal. Buy this Caribbean hot sauce for use at home, work or on the road to take every bite to the next level. This tangy, sweet, condiment is the fiery flavor packed hot chili sauce of your dreams. Perfect on pizza, morning eggs, sandwiches, frittatas, grilled vegetables, fish tacos, fragrant soups or to base those game day wings. Use in dips or as a seasoning and finishing sauce. Get creative in the kitchen with this hot condiment & join the Bacchanal!

$ 55.00